With over 30 years experience we can give you the decorative concrete look you want. Stencil pattern, Stamped slate look, Exposed aggregate or coloured concrete. Add prestige and value to your property with a look that sets it apart from the others.

A wide range of colours and patterns are available. Non slip finishes also available. A wide range of design options produce visually appealing results. From bright colours to subtle earthy tones, there is sure to be an option that will enhance your outdoor theme.

Decorative concrete is not only attractive with a fantastic look but is also incredibly durable, stylish and affordable. We always seal our stencilled, stamped and exposed aggregate concrete to maintain durability and long lasting colour strength. Colour thru concrete can be left as finished to give a more aged and settled appearance or sealed to maintain colour intensity, the choice is yours.

 All our paths, driveways, alfresco areas etc have a thorough base preparation. We use a 100mm concrete thickness and we always use a minimum 25mpa strength concrete with SL72 mesh as standard. Dowelling, saw cuts and expansion jointing are provided as required to maintain a quality job.

Stencil pattern

Stencil pattern

Stamped Slate look

Exposed Stone

Colour thru

Colour thru being placed.